Loving, happily married couple in New York, hoping to adopt our first child!

If you are considering placing your baby for adoption, please email us at chrisandandrewplus1@gmail.com. Expenses Paid.

Andrew (on the left) & Chris (on the right), just married!

Hello! We’re Chris and Andrew. Both of us have always hoped to be parents — we love children and we’re both very family-oriented. We’d love to hear from you!

We can’t imagine what you might be feeling as you’re reading this, but we hope as you get to know us, you’ll see that we’ll be dedicated to making sure your child has the best opportunities that we can possibly provide, in a home full of laughter, fun, food, and all the love in our hearts, while we help them to develop into unique, amazing people of their own. We would also be more than happy to maintain a relationship with you, and make sure your child knows their own history, and all of the people who love them.

We’re also just so grateful to you. Grateful that you’re bringing a new person into the world, grateful that you love him or her, and grateful that you’d be willing to share such an important gift with us.

We’re lucky to have a happy life together, and we’re looking forward to becoming Dads together. It would be the privilege of our lives to share our love, happiness, laughter, and opportunities with your child, and we hope you get to know us a little bit better by reading our story.

Our Story

It didn’t even take a month after we met for us to know that we had each found our forever person, and we wanted to tie the knot! Surrounded by friends and family, we were married in 2012, and have been enjoying a happy, supportive, and secure life together ever since.

Chris, Andrew, Andrew’s sister Cindy, and his nieces Helen and June, on a berry-picking adventure

Chris, nephew Teagan, and niece Mallory, accidentally color-coordinated when going out to lunch

Andrew with our friends Jen and Kevin’s daughter Marian

Our friends and family are all amazing role models, and we’ve both been privileged to be a huge part of the childhoods of the little ones around us for years — and now we’re hoping that we can finally devote our lives to a child. We tried to have kids with the help of a surrogate mother for four years without any luck, and so now we’re really hoping to make our dreams of becoming fathers come true with adoption.

Chris’s sister Nicole, Chris, his mom Mary, Andrew, our nephew Teagan and niece Mallory, and of course Mickey Mouse, on a family vacation in Hawaii

Mother’s Day: Andrew, Andrew’s mom Ilene, Chris’s mom Mary, and Chris, all going out for lunch together in NYC

Disney World: Andrew keeping Chris grounded, as always!

What Andrew says about Chris:
Chris is going to make such an amazing Dad. In a word, Chris is awesome. He’s funny, he’s kind, and he’s smart. He is an excellent chef and baker, and he loves putting together dinners and parties for us and our friends and families. He is a snazzy dresser. No matter what is going on in his life, he always has time for his family. We both love Disney movies, Broadway shows, and solving puzzles. I love that we can talk about everything from current events and technology to obscure pop culture references from our childhood. He is the only person who laughs at my terrible puns (and I make a lot of them). Chris also has many close friends who are equally warm and who have become my close friends, too.

Chris and our nephew Teagan, practicing archery at the Renaissance Festival in Colorado

Chris meeting our friends Barrie and Brendan’s son for the first time

Chris and Andrew, and Epcot looking shiny

What Chris says about Andrew:
Andrew is hands down the smartest person I know. Lucky for me, he’s also incredibly funny and sweet and kind! Andrew is also the only person in the world who I can spend every minute of my time with. We never run out of things to talk about, whether it’s movies or friends or current events or puzzles or plays or discussing the precise best way to spend a day at Disney World — whatever it is, sitting on the couch with Andrew is my favorite place to be in the world. We’re a pretty amazing team, and we both love planning all the details of a big event or family vacation together, and then watching as all of the pieces that we figured out fall into place! He’s my favorite person to travel with, he’s my most reliable and honest taste-tester, and he’s the very best friend and husband I could have ever asked for. I can’t wait to see him become a doting, loving dad.

Our Family & Friends

In addition to each other, we’re lucky to have the support of our wonderful, loving families! We live very close to most of Andrew’s immediate family — his dad Jack, his mom Ilene, his sister Cindy, and our nieces Helen and June. It’s always great to take a drive out of the city to see everyone on weekends, especially for birthday parties and holidays. Our niece, Helen has become quite an actress, and we love being able to see her in a local children’s theater! (We’re co-presidents of her fan club.) Last year we were able to take Andrew’s whole family to Disney World to celebrate his parents Jack and Ilene’s 50th anniversary. It was Helen and June’s first visit to Disney World, and they loved meeting all of the princesses and riding the Tea Cups! Andrew’s brothers Neal and Carl live in California, and spending time with them and their families is always a ton of fun. It doesn’t hurt that they also own an ice cream company, so visits are delicious as well!

Andrew, Chris, Andrew’s dad Jack, his mom Ilene, sister Cindy, and nieces Helen and June, celebrating Andrew’s parents’ 50th anniversary in Disney World!

Andrew’s brother Neal, sister Cindy, Andrew, and his brother Carl, on Neal’s houseboat in California

Chris and Andrew, Andrew’s mom Ilene, his dad Jack, sister Cindy, and our nieces June and Helen, celebrating Father’s Day

Chris’s family mostly lives in Colorado — his mom Mary, his sister Nicole and her fiancé Dave, and our niece Mallory and nephew Teagan. They all come out to visit New York City several times a year. Teagan came to stay with us for a while last summer, and he got to have some hang-out time, playing video games and watching movies with his uncles. More recently, Mom and Mallory were in town for Christmas. We all got to go shopping in the city, walked around to see the lights and decorations, and had a great Christmas day, from opening presents in the morning to a big holiday meal at the end. And if we’re not flying between Colorado and New York, we’re meeting at Chris’s mom’s favorite place in the world — the beach!

Andrew’s dad Jack, Chris, Andrew’s mom Ilene, Andrew, Chris’s mom Mary, our niece Mallory, and Andrew’s sister Cindy, getting together for a holiday lunch

Andrew, our niece Mallory, and Chris, dressed up like Wreck-It Ralph characters for Halloween

This is what happens to our Christmas tree when Chris gets a hold of the fancy ribbon

We’re doubly lucky that we also get to share our lives with friends that are close enough they feel just like family. Sometimes we get to join Krissa and Stuart (along with their brand new baby boy) for dinner — she’s a librarian and he’s an engineer, so their apartment is SUPER organized! Chris has known them long enough to have made their wedding cakes over ten years ago. Sometimes a weekend is good for hanging out in the park, and if we’re lucky we get to see our friend Jen and her kids Caleb and Marian. Caleb sometimes brings along Star the Horse, a stuffed animal friend he met at our apartment a few years ago. After work we might explore NYC, or get a snack with Mark and Stephanie at a family-friendly spot near where they live in Manhattan, and they bring along James, who isn’t even six but has the best table manners!

Chris hanging out with our friends Barrie and Brendan’s son Isaac, at our friends Bill and Stephanie’s wedding

Andrew and Chris, plus our cousins Izzy, Oryan, AD, Symie, and tiny cousin Julian, hanging out in Brooklyn

Chris and Andrew with our friend Mark and his son James in their backyard

We love to take advantage of all of the theater in New York (in the past year we’ve seen too many plays and musicals to keep track of, although Andrew’s very detailed spreadsheet will tell you otherwise) particularly when we get to spend time with our friends Yumi and Alexa. (We’re so excited to teach some of our favorite fun Broadway songs to a little one!) Brunch time in Brooklyn with Andrew’s cousin Symie and her daughter Oryan is always great, just like Oryan’s hip-hop dance recitals! Coming up next we’re having a lot of fun planning a royal wedding party — mostly just an excuse to have friends over, and of course have tea and fancy cakes. And everybody comes over to our place for Thanksgiving — Chris always hosts the biggest Thanksgiving dinner! Every year our group gets larger, and we’ve loved being able to welcome all of the new little ones into our extended family. We all encourage and protect each other, and love every opportunity we get to celebrate together.

Earl Grey always likes the highest perch she can find, especially when it’s Andrew

Andrew, with Chris (in the helmet) and our friends Leanne, Jen, Jesse, and Kate, fresh from our victory in solving puzzles and getting out of an Escape Room game

Chris and his mom Mary at the museum

Our Home

We own a charming home in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, and share our space with our three cats: Mocha, Latte, and Earl Grey. Our neighborhood is very safe and friendly, full of kids and families, and is close to great schools & parks — and of course, the amazing life, culture, and adventure of New York City.

Andrew is an attorney in Manhattan, who has managed to escape the long hours of a big law firm and now works in (as he calls it) “the intersection of law and finance.” Chris works in web & software development, and is currently a director of product development for well-known software company involved with health & wellness. We’re both lucky enough to have successful, established careers so we can now be present and involved dads!

Chris and our niece Mallory, getting ready for her high school graduation!

Chris, Andrew, and Chris’s mom Mary, wearing paper crowns on Christmas morning

Chris and our nephew Teagan

When we’re at home, we’re probably spending time together playing games, watching movies, having fun solving puzzles (jigsaw and otherwise), or having friends and family over for dinner! For the latest baking project, Chris has been making batches of French macarons — good thing there are a lot of eager taste-testers in the office!

We also love to travel — but whether it’s for a drive to get out of the city for a day, visiting family, going somewhere we’ve never been before, or a trip to our favorite destination, Disney World (we are experts at Epcot!), as long as we’re somewhere together, we always feel at home. We would feel honored and privileged to share that home — everything from the regular day-to-day to the exciting adventures — with your little one if we are lucky enough to welcome him or her into our lives.

Chris and his sister Nicole, floating down the river at a water park

Chris, our nephew Teagan, and Andrew, going to the Natural History Museum in New York

Our niece Mallory and Andrew, having Disney fun in Hawaii

Andrew and Chris, getting a peek behind the scenes during our anniversary dinner